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The survivors help a stranded hitchhiker. S9, Ep8. A deadly trio emerges, hell-bent on unleashing a new era at Camp Redwood.

Our former counselors desperately try to keep history from repeating itself. S9, Ep9. Camp Redwood draws in a lost soul looking for closure. See also TV Schedule. Add episode. Top TV Shows of Favorite TV Shows.Unfortunately, this is an identity that many people still misunderstand. Non-binary sex educator and therapist Aida Manduley, MSW defines a non-binary person as "someone who does not identify as a man or a woman, or solely as one of those two genders. To me, it means that I reject the whole concept of gender.

Growing up, I never felt people were wrong when they called me a woman, but it felt like a label imposed on me rather than one that fit. Then, in college, I learned about non-binary identity, and that did fit. Here are some things people tend to get wrong about being non-binary, in my own experience and that of other non-binary people.

Non-binary people have all types of gender presentations just like women and men do.

RAPSAGY - 9 (Mizo Love Story)

Some people identity as non-binary and as a man or woman or trans or something else. Having more than one gender identity means different things to others, though. Non-binary people can also have a variety of pronouns. The only way you can know is to ask. Some equate it with being intersex — that is, having a body not traditionally classified as male or female — but it has nothing to do with your biology. Intersex people can be non-binary, but so can people who are not intersex.

Others equate being non-binary with being transgenderi. Similarly, non-binary people don't always feel they were "born that way," Manduley adds. Non-binary people all identify as feminine and masculine to different degrees, just like men and women, and that may even change from time to time. Some don't identify with masculinity or femininity at all. Masculinity and femininity are just arbitrary labels we give certain traits. What seems masculine to one culture or person might seem feminine to another.

And none of them are right or wrong. It's something you can create for yourself. Why is it worth our time to unlearn these assumptions, educate ourselves about non-binary identity, and try to understand how the people in our own lives identify? Because it makes us more supportive friends, partners, family members, and human beings.

Supporting that someone is trying to be more comfortable in themselves is something that society should strive for and encourage. Keywords non-binary.The history of Mizoram basically encompasses the history of Mizoram which lies in the remotest part of northeast India. It is a conglomerate history of several ethnic groups of Chin people who migrated from Chin State of Burma. But information of their patterns of westward migration are based on oral history and archaeological inferences, hence nothing definite can be said.

The recorded history started relatively recently around the midth century when the adjoining regions were occupied by the British monarchy. The land is now inhabited by a mixture of people from Chin Hills and Bangladesh and its history is therefore largely reflected by those of LuseiHmarLaiMara and Chakmas tribes.

Following religious, political and cultural revolutions in the midth century majority of the people agglomerated into a super tribe, Mizo. Hence the officially recognised settlement of the Mizos became Mizoram. The earliest documented records of Mizoram were from the British military officers in the s, when they encountered series of raids in their official jurisdiction in Chittagong Hill Tracts from the neighbouring natives.

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By then they referred the land to as Lushai Hills. As a consequence of relentless tribal encroachment and often resulting in human mortality, British rulers were compelled to subjugate the tribal chiefdoms. Punitive British military expeditions in and forced the annexation of the entire Lushai Hills. In the district was declared a union territory and was given a more culturally inclusive name Mizoram.

Ultimately Mizoram became a full-fledged federal state of Indian Union in The ancestors of Mizos were without any form of written language before the advent of British. They were anthropologically identified as members of the Tibeto-Burman ethnicity. Folk legends unanimously claim that there was Chhinlung or Sinlung at the cradle of the Mizos.

Oral history provided contrasting accounts on the origin.

Mizo people

Speculated to be in around the 5th century they settled in the Shan State after having overcome the resistance put up by the indigenous people. They thrived in Shan state for about years before they moved on the Kabaw Valley around the 8th century. It is conceivable that the Mizos learnt the technique of cultivation from the Burmese at Kabaw as many of their agricultural implements bore the prefix Kawla name given by the Mizos to the Burmese.

Khampat now in Myanmar was known to have been the next Mizo settlement. They are said to have planted a banyan tree before they left Khampat as a sign that the town was made by them.

mizo story 9

They built villages and called them by their clan names such as SeipuiSaihmun and Bochung. The hills and difficult terrains of Chin Hills forced division into several villages and ethnic diaspora arose. The earliest Mizo people to enter the present Mizoram were known as Kukisthe second batch of Mizo immigrants were called New Kukis. The Lushais were the last of the Mizo tribes to migrate to the Lushai Hills. By the time they crossed the Tiau River bordering Myanmarthe descendants of Zahmuaka, who came to be known as the ruling Sailo clan, had proven their mettle as able and assertive chiefs.

The traditional system of village administration, too, had been perfected.

History of Mizoram

As the head of the village, the Chief or Lal allocated lands for cultivation, settled all disputes in the villages, fed and cared for the poor and offered shelter to anyone seeking refuge. The Mizo history in the 18th and 19th centuries is marked by many instances of tribal raids and retaliatory expeditions.The Mizo people Mizo : Mizo hnam are an ethnic group native to north-eastern Indiawestern Burma Myanmar and eastern Bangladesh ; this term covers several ethnic peoples who speak various Kuki-Chin languages.

The Mizos are a tribal hill peoples in the Indian state of Mizoram and its neighboring areas. Thus, it's sometimes concluded that the Mizo people lived as cave dwellers at some point. The present Indian state of Mizoram literally "Mizoland" was called the Lushai Hills or Lushai District and was defined as an excluded area [5] during the British Raj and a district of Assam in independent India. The people of the Lushai Hills demanded a distinct political territory when India achieved independence.

Due to continued efforts by its people to gain autonomy, the national government approved Mizoram in as a Union Territory and in as a full-fledged state of the Republic of India.

Thus, there is no Mizo Tribe as such, rather an umbrella name for all the different tribes. However, there still are some groups who refuse to be termed Mizo and caused minor conflicts between the two.

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These groups are mostly from outside the State Of Mizoramliving in the neighboring territories. Of their languages, the most widely spoken is the "Mizo", which is the common language of all Mizos, which belong to the Tibeto-Burman language family. The official language is Mizo. The term Mizo is derived from two Mizo words: mi and zo. Mi in Mizo means 'person' or 'people'. The term zo have two meaning. According to one view, zo means 'highland'. Hence, Mizo means highlanders or people living in high hills.

The term Mizo has a broad ethnic classification of sub groups inhabiting the regions then knowns as Lushai Hills in IndiaChin hills in Myanmar and Chittagong hills in Bangladesh. Mizo generally refers to those residing in Mizoram and various subroups of the Zo Family have joined and adopted Mizo while others have not. Though the term Mizo is often used to name an overall ethnicity, it is an umbrella term to denote the various clans, such as the HmarRalteLaiLusei etc.

Sandwiched between Burma to the east and south and Bangladesh to the west, the Indian State of Mizoram and its surrounding areas are inhabited by the Mizo people. According to Rev Liangkhaia, the clergyman and Mizo historian, in his book "Mizo Chanchin" - the first ever published historical account of the Mizo - the Mizo people migrated from China in around AD and stayed in western Myanmar. They then slowly began migrating towards the present day Mizoram during the fourth decade of the 16th Century.

Most of the Mizos and their clans had completely migrated to their present location by the third decade of the 18th century. Mizo people were influenced by British missionaries in the 19th century, as the British Raj subjugated the chieftainship under its dominance, which they later abolished by an Act called the Assam-Lushai District Acquisition of Chief's Rights Act in The spread of education by Christian missionaries led to a high literacy rate of Almost all the Mizos also adopted Christianityand continues to be so till the present day.

Khuma and Khara were the first to be converted into Christian among the Mizos. A great majority of ethnic Mizo people are Christians. In the late 20th century, a rather small number of Mizo and related ethnic peoples in Assam and Mizoram began practicing Judaismstating that they are descendants of Manasseha lost tribe of Israel. Most Mizos do not agree with this identification. Several hundreds have already emigrated to Israelwhere they undergo complete conversion to be accepted as Jews.

Inthe Chief Rabbi of Israel ruled that they were part of a lost tribe of Israel, but anyone wishing to emigrate to Israel must first complete formal conversion to Judaism in Nepal. Pre-colonialist Mizos were animistsbut once the British colonized the area, the British Missionaries converted most of the population to Christianity from their practice of Animism, i.

Presently, there are arguably no ethnic Mizos who still practice Animism. During the later part of British rule, the people in Lushai Hills as well as in Manipur hills held that the British administration was trying to exert control through the chiefs of the communities. There were several rebellions against the British rule as a result, and an anti-chief movement gained ground.

In the event of India being independent, the Mizo Unionas it was soon called, demanded that Mizoram should be with Assam rather than adjoined to Burma, as the pro-chief party advocated. With the independence of India, a secessionist group in the Union favored joining with Burma, to which they were linked historically, ethnically and linguistically, with common roots to their languages.

The separation of India from Burma in the yearthe partition of India inand the government's administrative extension over the Indian part of the area reduced the free mobility of the inhabitants.On September 21,9 Story launched an international distribution division headed by Natalie Osborne, known as 9 Story Enterprises.

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mizo story 9

Santomero as Chief Creative Officer". June 18, Retrieved June 17, May 17, Retrieved July 29, September 21, Archived from the original on May 21, Retrieved June 14, September 20, Retrieved July 5, April 8, July 24, He and Frederick William Savidge reduced the Lushai language a Colonial British name, present Mizo language to writing—devised an alphabet using Roman lettering and phonetic form of spelling based on Hunterian system translation; compiled grammar and dictionaries for missionary activities and clerical administration.

He and F. Savidge were credited to the establishment of Christianity and education in Mizoram. They compiled the first Lushai grammar and dictionary. As a gifted lexicographerLorrain single-handedly was responsible for the origin of written language and hymns in Mizo. More popularly known as " Pu Buanga Dictionary ", Dictionary of the Lushai Language became the foundation of Mizo language and literature.

Lorrain was brought up in South London as a Congregationalist. He was baptised at a young age. His father was a postmaster at London Post Office.

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Fowllowing his father's profession, he worked as a telegraphist in the same post office. Here he met F. Instory of Mary Winchestera six-year-old British girl who was held hostages by Mizo tribes, and rescued by the British military, was a headline. When Lorrain saw a portrait the hapless girl in captivity in a newspaper, he prayed and planned to work as a missionary to the remote tribes.

He resigned from post office and left London on 16 December His ship arrived at Calcutta on 21 Januarynot really knowing how to proceed further for the unexplored land.

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He stayed in Bengal now in Bangladesh for a year. His future associate F. Savidge arrived in Novemberand they met at an evangelical campaign at Brahmanbaria organised by the New Zealand Baptists.

On their first attempt to enter Tripura they were bluntly denied by the ruler, Maharaja. Dejected they moved to Chittagong where they stayed for sometime awaiting permission to enter Lushai Hills.

Since Lushai Hills was still under tribal chieftainships with constant warfare, their application was deferred and were allowed to stay at Kasalong village, the nearest possible location. Facing heavy shortage of food supply, they stayed there for a few months under constant hunger.Here's our quick guide to the best family-friendly movies and shows you can stream right now.

mizo story 9

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