Venator huntsman

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venator huntsman

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The goal is to pay down debt with the Venator initial public offering and then create the merged HuntsmanClariant - the world's second-largest special chemical company. The merger has run into opposition from activist investors who argue that instead of getting bigger, Clariant should sell off some of its parts and focus on higher margin niches, but Huntsman said he is confident that the vast majority of Clariant shareholders will support the deal.

Huntsman retains a nearly 80 percent ownership stake in Venator after the IPO, but the goal is to sell off its stake entirely over the next two or three years. With the IPO finished, Huntsman can focus on running the business and assuaging the potential concerns of Clariant investors.

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The hedge fund manager Keith Meister and his partners who oppose the deal own a nearly 10 percent stake in Clariant. Meister is a protege of famed corporate raider Carl Icahn. Meister and his partners formed a company called White Tale Holdings to buy up the stock. Huntsman said he is telling shareholders that the merger will result in a larger company with higher earnings and larger profit margins. Clariant this week said it hired the Wall Street bank Goldman Sachs as an adviser to help defend against the investor activists and win over shareholders.

The headquarters for merged company, HuntsmanClariant, would be in Clariant's hometown of Pratteln, Switzerland, in part for tax purposes. The Woodlands would become the North American headquarters for the combined company. Venator is a Latin word for "hunter" - a play off of the Huntsman family name.

Venator focuses largely on the titanium dioxide chemical, called TiO2, which is used as a pigment for everything from food coloring and paints to coatings and sunscreen. The business is more cyclical than Huntsman's other divisions, which produce specialty chemicals and is prone to more financial peaks and valleys.

But the timing was bad, Huntsman admitted, and the pigments sector fell deeper into a downturn from which it only recently recovered. Rather than sell the pigments business for a loss, Huntsman decided to spin it off as stand-alone company. Top of the News. Abbott extends Texas disaster declaration by 30 days.The report has segmented market, by its types and applications. Each segment has analyzed completely on the basis of its production, consumption as well as revenue.

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It also provides various drivers that are boosting the market. Moreover, the major product type and segments are covered with their complete analysis in the report. Applications with different segment are overviewed in the report.November 15th, A dynamic, global, chemical company, headquartered in the UK, Venator is dedicated to the development and delivery of specialty titanium dioxide TiO 2 pigments and performance additives including color pigments, functional additives, and timber and water treatment chemicals.

Venator Materials IPO: What Investors Need to Know

In the plastics industry, Venator has one of biggest pigment and additive portfolios of any chemical company. The business offers a variety of TiO 2 white pigments products, color pigments, and special pigments, additives and fillers that can meet the tough demands of high-performance polymer, masterbatch, compound, composite, elastomer and PVC manufacturing.

Making a dramatic difference to the color, aesthetics and performance of plastics used in daily life, Venator pigments and additives can be found in all kinds of everyday objects from your car to your favourite pair of trainers. Whatever the application, plastic formulators trust Venator to identify the right pigments and additives to meet specific requirements.

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We are thrilled to continue this work as an independent company — focusing our efforts on the delivery of innovative pigments and additives that can make a real difference to plastic formulators worldwide.

We market our products globally to a diversified group of industrial customers through two segments: Titanium Dioxide, which consists of our TiO 2 business, and Performance Additives, which consists of our functional additives, color pigments, timber treatment and water treatment businesses.

As a member of the essential chemical distribution industry, Everchem will remain open for business during the current COVID shutdown in Pennsylvania. While we have contingencies in place to allow employees to work from home and follow social distancing guidelines, our office is still open and we will continue to accept orders and supply our customers with our usual high level of service.

venator huntsman

Our warehouses are operating normally. Please contact us for more information at info everchem. Thank you for your continued support.

Web Design by Media Proper. The Urethane Blog. X As a member of the essential chemical distribution industry, Everchem will remain open for business during the current COVID shutdown in Pennsylvania.Let's open the can on Venator Materials and see what's inside.

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An ambition to bundle these operations into a new company, to be floated in an IPO within two years, never came to fruition. Fast-forward to Aprilwhen Huntsman again put the issue on the table.

The following month it announced it agreed to an all-stock merger with Swiss peer Clariant to form HuntsmanClariant. In that announcement, it confirmed that the Venator flotation was indeed going to take place.

But Venator won't float very far. It will, however, control a big player in the pigments and additives segment that operates 27 facilities producing goods for customers in over countries. In its current form, the company has never posted a profit. It writes that although the market "has shown signs of recovery, prices and margins remain below long-term historical averages. It believes these prices and margins will recover on the back of "global capacity utilization rate improvements and further price increases.

Another negative is that Venator itself will receive no proceeds from this sale. As Huntsman is the selling party, it will collect all the monies. This pile will subsequently be used to help retire Huntsman's debt. At the risk of stating the fairly obvious, in an ideal situation an IPO raises funds for the company being floated to boost working capital -- not to pay down a relative's debt. Huntsman has been in the pigments and additives game for years, and I'm sure Venator will be guided sensibly and continue to pull in billions of dollars supplying its many customers.

I'm just not certain it'll be a good stock to own. Huntsman is selling It also includes Barclays and Deutsche Bank Securities, among others. Jul 27, at PM. Author Bio Eric has been writing about stocks and finance since the mids, when he lived in Prague, Czech Republic.

venator huntsman

Over the course of a varied career, he has also been a radio newscaster, an investment banker, and a bass player in a selection of rock and roll bands. A native New Yorker, he currently lives in Los Angeles. Stock Advisor launched in February of Join Stock Advisor. Related Articles.No one was hurt and the fire was quickly extinguished, but the Pori, Finland, facility had been badly damaged. The timing couldn't have been worse.

venator huntsman

The Finland facility fell under the new company's umbrella -- and now it was the new company's problem. Worse, it was knocked offline just as the global titanium dioxide market was entering an epic rebound.

While Venator Materials is strategically rebuilding the facility in two stages, the cost to do so will exceed the amount it received from an insurance policy -- and the price tag continues to climb higher. That admission from management has Wall Street worried that the rebuild could threaten cash flow through The stock now trades at some of the lowest valuation metrics among titanium dioxide producers, while shares have grossly underperformed those of peers in their short time on the market, losing Will the next 12 months really be that bad for Venator Materials?

The Finland facility is very important to the company and shareholders, so here's what investors need to know about the rebuilding efforts. Venator Materials' Finland facility is one of the largest titanium dioxide manufacturing plants in the world. Additionally, Venator Materials was and is still weeding out operational inefficiencies that didn't exist or weren't as obvious when it was part of Huntsman.

Those issues created internal operating friction and weighed on margins, which partially explains why the company didn't fare quite as well as its titanium dioxide peers for much of The bad news is the Finland facility has weighed on performance, rather than helping it. Management has proceeded with a strategic rebuild of the Finland facility. The primary focus is getting the specialty products capacity back online. The specialty portion will operate at full tilt by the end of However, because of the strong market fundamentals for titanium dioxide, Venator Materials is racing to rebuild this portion and claims to be paying a "fast-track premium" as a result.

Venator Materials doesn't plan to bring this portion of the facility online until at the earliest. Cost has become a central issue for Wall Street and shareholders. The bad news is the rebuilding costs were always expected to exceed that amount. The worse news is that costs have been revised upwards. Why the giant increase?

Well, the price tag of the rebuild with respect to the insurance policy has soared in large part due to the strong fundamentals of the titanium dioxide market, not entirely because rebuilding costs have increased.

In other words, rising selling prices of titanium dioxide increases the calculated paper loss associated with "business interruption," but the "property damage" estimates haven't risen. The Finland facility's reconstruction costs have soared well above what management originally prepared shareholders to expect, which has pushed many investors and Wall Street analysts toward the exits in early That's hardly surprising.

Although Venator Materials is finally piecing together respectable operations as a stand-alone business, it was expecting to apply most of its excess cash flow in the next few years to cleaning up the balance sheet. Swelling costs at the Finland facility aren't going to make that any easier.

Huntsman launches Venator spinoff IPO

But some nuance is needed here. Since that's not expected to occur until at the earliest, it should be entirely possible for the company to meets internal debt reduction goals before it swallows the out-of-pocket reconstruction costs.

That's not an insignificant detail to consider. Peers Kronos and Chemours Company trade at just 7. If cash flow can be devoted to reducing debt, then the company's leverage will drop closer to peers. At that point, the stock would either be significantly undervalued relative to peers or on the road to redemption. Therefore, while Mr.Our titanium dioxide pigments can be found in everything from the car you drive to your favorite trainers.

We understand how the right choice of titanium dioxide pigment is critical to ensure efficient processing and consistency as well as final product performance. Experience and expertise coupled with our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation mean we are well-positioned to help you meet your current and future challenges with confidence. Surface treatments have been chosen to promote dispersion and low moisture absorption.

Huntsman TR28 Huntsman TR28 pigment is a fine crystal rutile pigment designed for exceptional dispersion and throughput and with very low volatiles for high temperature processing.

As a result of its dense silica surface treatement, it provides maximum weather resistance. Huntsman TR90 Huntsman TR90 pigment is a durable rutile titanium dioxide pigment with excellent optical properties.

Alpha Knives /// Самый крутой Venator.

Huntsman TR93 Huntsman TR93 pigment is a super durable rutile titanium dioxide pigment with excellent optical properties. Contact Us Email: info supmat. Driving performance Venator serves a wide range of market sectors from household decorative paints and industrial coatings on ocean liners, cars and steel-framed buildings, to printing inks, fibres, packaging, construction, automotive, medical, health, consumer electronics and sports and leisure.

Huntsman TR23 pigment is a rutile titanium dioxide pigment. Huntsman TR28 pigment is a fine crystal rutile pigment designed for exceptional dispersion and throughput and with very low volatiles for high temperature processing. Huntsman TR60 is an ultra durable rutile titanium dioxide pigment. Huntsman TR90 pigment is a durable rutile titanium dioxide pigment with excellent optical properties. Huntsman TR93 pigment is a super durable rutile titanium dioxide pigment with excellent optical properties.

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